Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CloseKnit in Stratford, Ontario ...

... is where my odyssey with knitting began.

The yarn shop in Stratford, ON that started it all.  The owners readily admit that they're guilty in their role in corrupting this poor little hooker - oops! I mean bear.  Unashamedly so.  In fact, they're proud of the needler aka knitter they're in the process of creating.

In my journey of recovery from complex PTSD, trauma, workplace bullying, etc., I've been blessed with a wonderful support in the form of a counsellor who has provided a safe place for me to examine and work through my issues.  But I had to be committed.  You see, this woman's office was originally in a small town, Milverton, Ontario, about 45 km from my home. (Described with accompanying pictures is an early blog post on my other spot).  I committed myself to driving there every other week in all kinds of weather and road conditions on country roads.  Roads shared by my nemesis - trucks.  Big trucks.  Little trucks.  Feed/grain trucks.  For a person who was afraid of driving, this was quite a commitment.

About the time, my odyssey with recovery from trauma/PTSD/workplace abuse was taking another twist in the road, my counsellor took a good hard look at where her ministry was heading and decided to move - to another small town, Stratford, Ontario - the home of the Shakespeare Festival.  The commute this time was still 45 kilometres (approximately) just in a different direction.  A change of scenery for my bi-weekly drive.

During my first trip to Stratford for "regular" therapy, I decided to get there early and just walk around the town a bit.  In addition to being known for the Shakespeare Festival, it is a lot of the little touristy shops that make going there so much fun - and expensive.

During my perambulation, I discovered a nice shoe store, several gifts shops AND a small yarn store.  Me, being me, I wandered in for a look-see (after all hookers use yarn too).  I wandered out with several skeins of scarf yarn, knitting needles and basic instructions on how to put two and two together - er - rather needles and yarn together to make a scarf or two.

This where the corruption began.  With the frilly scarf yarns.

I became intoxicated with these yarns and began to look for more - and more - and more.   I was becoming a "yarn junkie".

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